Alright, so you’ve heard a lot about this new-age decentralized marketplace and you’re looking to make your first purchase.

The following will be your guide to downloading the OpenBazaar software and making your first purchase.

1) First thing’s first, go to in your browser.

Go ahead and click the “DOWNLOAD” button.

2) You’ll be redirected to the following page:

Click on the version associated with your operating system. For this example I am using 64-bit version of Windows 10, but it is exactly the same setup for Macs. For Windows users, you can check by typing “Computer” into the search box that comes up from the start menu. In “System Information” you will find “System Type”. 64-bit users will indicate “64x-base PC” whereas 32-bit users will have “86x-based PC”.

Let’s be honest, the Linux users typically know this information already, but if you don’t, simply google how to find out along with the name of your distro.
Below this you’ll find an instructional video with greater detail on all the OpenBazaar features.

3) Next you set up your account on the following screen:

Here’s where you can add a username, an avatar picture, and a description of your profile on the OpenBazaar marketplace. Make sure to set the appropriate currency and country.

4) Be sure to read and agree to the terms of service. In essence, they make you responsible for yourself on this marketplace and any liability you take on will be your own:

5) The home screen is pretty simple and has some information to help introduce some of the features. This guide will focus on making your first purchase. Creating listings will be covered in another guide:

Notice the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner. That indicator will show any notifications. The little blue tent is the button to launch you into the great big world of decentralized purchases. Give it a click.

6) I chose “OB1” as my default search provider, and either is fine.

Alright, here is the fun part. We can search goods by name, type, or condition.

7) I decided to go with this cool lighter.

Go ahead and click “buy now”

8) If you are looking to purchase a physical good you’ll have to enter a new address. After you’ve done so and click “PAY” you’ll notice you have insufficient funds.

Let’s add some bitcoin to our wallet to make our purchase.

9) Your wallet can be found by clicking the small black rectangle in the upper right-hand corner to the immediate right of the OpenBazaar button from before. Click on “Receive Money” on the left-hand side and you’ll find yourself on the following page:

Click on the wallet address to have it automatically copied to clipboard. Paste it in the “send” address of the Bitcoin wallet of your choice. If you don’t have any Bitcoin yet, OpenBazaar has numerous guides throughout the site including the “Need Bitcoin” button listed there. It may take a few minutes for the funds to transfer.

10) Boom! Now you have money in your wallet and you should have gotten a notification on the upper right-hand side as well. Before we can finish here we should backup our wallet with the backup wallet recovery seed. This is simply a phrase that can help you get access back with your account in case your computer or email is compromised. Go ahead and click “backup your wallet recover seed”. You’ll see the screen below:

Click “show seed” and record this information off your computer. Don’t store this information digitally or share it with anyone. Instead, write it down and keep it somewhere safe that you won’t forget. It’s your last opportunity to get back into your account if something goes wrong.

11) Now we can close out of this menu and the wallet window to proceed with our purchase. Click “pay now” and that’s it! My new lighter is on its way!

The truth is, we’ve only scratched the surface of all the features OpenBazaar has to offer, but at least now you can try on your own and maybe explore some of those features yourself.

Happy shopping!