This guide will walk you through connecting to your remote OpenBazaar instance via the Electron app client.

To learn how to setup your own self-hosted OpenBazaar instance on a Linux VPS click here

If you are connecting to your OpenBazaar instance via the API it’s rather straightforward. The OpenBazaar team has fantastic docs on their API available here. To connect to the instance using the electron client, continue on.

1) First thing’s first, you need to install the OpenBazaar client
A download link for the client is available here

2) The second step will be starting up your client

If you see one of these pages when you start your OpenBazaar instance then continue through the setup process until you see your profile page shown on step 3

2) The second step will be setting up your client

Here are my example setup details. Make sure to include your IP address and modify the SSL settings appropriately

3) The third step will be connecting to your client

Here is an example configuration that is based off my guide available here:

4) And Voila! You should be connected to your client

You should now be ready to setup your remote OpenBazaar server