When we started Zokos we had no idea how to price the service. Similar services, like Shopy or Selly, charge a fixed price and a percentage.

From the beginning we wanted to avoid a fixed price as we felt it made the barrier to sell on OpenBazaar a lot higher than it should be. We just were not sure if the math would work out to let us host these stores without charging a fixed fee.

After spending a few months running Zokos during our beta we have been able to get the numbers to come up with our pricing.

What will the pricing structure be?

The pricing structure is simple. It’s a 1% transaction fee for all sales.

This fee will not make us a profit but will cover our hosting costs. To make a profit we will be offering optional services in the future, such as order currency conversions and escrow price lock-ins.

What if I didn’t know Zokos would charge anything?

We talked about our plan to charge a 1% fee on social media and have had conversations with all of our largest merchants to make sure that they understood our plans and that this announcement did not come as a surprise to them.

We realize that not everyone has seen our earlier conversations and that this rollout could have been done better + earlier.

Because of this we will guarantee that any merchant that did not know about our pricing plans and does not want to use Zokos anymore will never pay any fees whatsoever.

Any merchants that do not want to use Zokos because of this announcement can contact us in the support section and we will work with them to export their store so that they can easily run their store on their own node.

When will pricing take effect?

We will continue to host stores for free until the end of our beta. We are planning to continue our beta for at least the next six months and we will send out another announcement when the beta is coming to an end.

If you have questions please leave a comment here or reach out to us privately in the support section of your Zokos account. Thank you.