We take pride in our inspection process and the quality of our products. That is why our eBay seller account has a 99.8% satisfaction rating over thousands of sales. Here's what our product conditions mean:

"Like New" - The product is still in its original packaging and has not been opened before.

"Open Box" - The product is in like new condition but its packaging has been opened or the original box has signs of use.

"Used" - This condition means that the product was likely installed before and then returned. It will be in great condition but may have some signs of a previous installation.

We offer a generous return policy if the product for any reason doesn’t meet your expectations or needs. We will refund the entire cost your purchase within 90 days if you are not 100% satisfied.

Follow this quick and easy guide by clicking here here we’ll take you through the return process.

We are dedicated to providing an easy and enjoyable user experience. That's why we offer free shipping on all of our products.


The global eCommerce market continues to grow by leaps and bounds but faces a unique problem - returns. Traditional brick-and-mortar returns average 10% but that number jumps to 30% or even 40% for eCommerce. The cost of processing these returned goods is just too much for online retail giants. Many of these products end up in landfills, creating a terrible environmental strain.‌‌

That’s where Zokos comes in. We have the time and technology to efficiently process these items and get them back online for resale. In the process, we can pass along the reduced costs to you. When you buy a product from Zokos, you can feel good about having saved money and doing your part to prevent waste.


You can pickup your order anytime between 12pm-7pm Monday-Friday.

We are located at:

3300 W. Sample Street, Suite 900, South Bend, IN 46619

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We resell home goods and building supplies returned to big box stores at a discount.  We are not an authorized seller of any of these products and have no affiliation or sponsorship with any manufacturer, distributor, brand, or trademark.  

The products we sell may not come with any warranties, guarantees, additional services, or other benefits that may be available if the product was purchased from an authorized seller or traditional retail channel. As a result, the products we sell may materially differ from products sold through authorized sellers or traditional retail channels.  If these additional protections, benefits, or affiliations are important to you, we encourage you to buy the product from a traditional retail channel or authorized seller. 


We are located at:

3300 W. Sample Street, Suite 900, South Bend, IN 46619

Zokos is an online reseller, providing an eco-friendly solution to home goods and building supplies returned to big-box retail stores. We are striving to reduce the environmental strain of returns by providing the time and technology to efficiently process these items and get them back online for resale. We pass along the environmental and cost savings to consumers who benefit from access to products in top-rate condition at a fraction (50-80% off, on average) of the retail purchase price.  Founded in 2020 by South Bend natives Rod Baradaran, Ryan Ryker, Julian Marquez and Mike Altenburger. Zokos is an independent online retailer with limited retail distribution through headquarters in South Bend, Indiana.

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